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Welcome to the New Hampshire Job Training Fund.

Talent development is a major component of New Hampshire's economic vitality, and businesses large and small realize the importance of a skilled and educated workforce. That's why the New Hampshire Job Training Fund was created, and we hope your company is able to take advantage of this matching grant program designed to enhance worker skills and help you stay competitive in the global marketplace.

The Job Training Fund is eligible only to private businesses located in New Hampshire and businesses intending to locate in the State,and who pay quarterly taxes into the NH Unemployment Trust Fund. Businesses that make voluntary (reimbursable) contributions are not eligible. Local, county and state political subdivisions are not eligible for the program.

A Job Training Fund application must be complete and submitted in accordance with the published deadlines. Any late or incomplete application will not be considered. A completed application must include a current Certificate of Good Standing from the NH Secretary of State and a waiver from the applicant's local Community College, if necessary. In addition, please provide a written proposal from the training vendor, with costs, for each training program included in the application. Failure to provide a written training proposal will eliminate your application from consideration.

Please note that the statute regarding the Job Training Fund states "Funds for training grants shall supplement, and not, replace, funds available through existing programs conducted by the business entity, or other public or private training programs."

It usually takes approximately one month from the time the grant recommendation is approved by the Commissioner of DRED to when the Office of Attorney General approves a contract that includes signatures from the Commissioner and the Company. No training funded by this program can begin before a fully signed contract between the Job Training Fund and the company is in place. Applicants should consider submitting an application at least two months before actual training will begin. Plan ahead!

This Web site will provide you with information and forms you can download and submit for consideration by the Job Training Grant Review Committee.

Review information about the Job Training Fund in Frequently Asked Questions. Our FAQ will provide you with basic information about eligibility, deadlines and budgets. You can download the FAQ for future reference as you complete the Application. If you have a question that has not been addressed in FAQ, send an email to us at Questions. We'll get an answer back you quickly.

The Job Training Fund law states that, so long as it is feasible, training shall be provided by the Community College System. If your local community college doesn't provide the desired training you want for your employees, or if you have an established training relationship with another training vendor, the community college will provide a waiver. Locate your local Community College Business and Training Director here. The Business and Training Director is happy to assist you with all of your company's training needs.

Download and complete the application forms, including:

Grant Certification
Grant Program Application
Training Budget
Community College Training Waiver
Scoring Sheet

Attach your company's Certificate of Good Standing from the NH Secretary of State (see Certification Form for instructions).


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